Condoleance (ARMDS)

Condoleance (ARMDS)

It was a very shock to hear the sudden demise of the honorable sir Jo ter Maat, President of De Brug. The board really felt sad over this tragedy and the children wept seeing his photos. They recalled the beautiful old days of his visit to ARMDS and Arpanam Special School children. With lots of sweet memories and recalling his noble and benevolent services, we honored sir for his innumerable services through DE BRUG. Although he is no more with us, we continue to remember him, pray for him and imitate his good qualities and noble traditions which he has left behind us.

As condole over his death, the board of ARMDS has decided to honor him with a prayer service keeping his photos in front of our office. We offer him floral tribute and we had the special prayers on 19th February, 2014.

Thank you sir, please convey our heartfelt condolences to his dear wife, children and grand children.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely,



“although he is no more, he continues to travel guiding us”

May his soul rest in peace

We offer our FLORAL TRIBUTE to you with deep reverence having flowers & candles in our hands praying that your soul be rest in peace.